Since the industry path changed in the late 90’s 95% of our customers have their goods manufactured overseas and transported back using either boxed air cargo, boxed containers, hanging containers and trucks. Our employees are experienced in the bare essentials of the processing task including un-box, hang, tunnel/press, QC checking (AQL), ticketing, bagging, bottom sealing and final preparations before delivery

Incair - Processing

Incair is one of the first London based processing plants established back in the 90’s with a view to supplying the industry a cost effective service for those manufacturing offshore

Incair have the capacity to hang over 2 million garments which gives us vast amounts of storage space for any garments that are on hold until their delivery dates are due

Our team can be organised in to different shifts; we have the flexibility to work day and night shifts to ensure our customer’s deadlines are met.

Incair - Processing
Incair - Needle detector machine

We also now have a needle detector machine which is mainly used for Monsoon kids wear

· Nominated re-processor for aurora fashions / asos
· Container / truck unloading
· Un-pack / re-pack
· Bagging / bottom sealing
· Ratio packing
· Veit steam tunnel / hand pressing / suzie steaming
· Ticketing / price changes (epos)
· 100% QC checks (aql)
· Needle detector for kids clothing

Services we provide

Sample Room

Incair - Sample room


Incair - Alterations


Incair - Transport


Incair - Storage
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