With a fully functional sample room already established it was a natural step to offer all our customers a quality alteration service from the basic ticket/label changes to the more complex reduction of length, change of lining, button & zip changes and whatever requirement necessary to prevent cancellations, discounts or rejections

Incair - Alterations

With the bulk of manufacturing taking place overseas we realised the need to offer an alteration service as the cost of returning to country of origin is sometimes not feasible taking in to account the manufacturing and transport overheads that can be incurred

Incair - Alterations

With such a large operation set up we are continuously inundated with alterations, we work with a large group of flexi workers to enable us to take on a variety of alterations at any one time

Incair - Alterations

Incair offer reliable and realistic turnaround times and sometimes work with your preferred ratios to enable different delivery dates to suit your customer’s delivery schedules

High standard quality alterations
Realistic turnaround times
Button, zip, lining & label change
Repair work undertaken
Highly experienced staff with over 30yrs experience
Competitive pricing

Services we provide

Sample Room

Incair - Sample room


Incair - Processing


Incair - Transport


Incair - Storage
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