We provide a range of services of the clothes industry

Sample Room

Incair has a fully functional sample room, which has been established for over 10 years and can produce up to and exceed 250 bespoke samples & sealers every week
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Incair is one of the first London based processing plants established back in the 90’s with a view to supplying the industry a cost effective service for those manufacturing offshore
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With the bulk of manufacturing taking place overseas we realised the need to offer an alteration service as the cost of returning to country of origin is sometimes not feasible taking in to account the manufacturing and transport overheads that can be incurred
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Incair offer customers an all in one solution under one umbrella covering all aspects of the fashion industry, experienced staff collect and deliver hanging, boxed and palletized goods all over the UK
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Our staffs are vastly experienced personnel managing the smooth running of the entire warehouse. Incair can store cloth (rolls, pallets & boxes) and all type of apparel trimmings
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